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02 Jun


The MRL Action Group Committee met recently and approved three really exciting initiatives which give you even more reasons to join…

Litigation is under way
Your MRL Action Group Committee approved a Letter Before Action which Athena law has recently sent to MacDonald Resorts.  This represents the first formal step in this legal dispute and we expect MRL to respond within 28 days.  This progress is what we have all been waiting for and we are pleased that we now have the show on the road!

Litigation Strategy
Your MRL Action Group Committee has now agreed to support two legal actions: one in Spain and one in the UK.  Since the Action Group was formed, the Spanish Supreme Court has deemed ‘in-perpetuity’ timeshare contracts to be unlawful and the conclusion is that many of our members could use this decision to claim against MRL.
In supporting both legal actions, we are more likely to achieve justice for all present members and add more reasons for new members to join.
So… don’t miss the boat – and don’t let MRL make even more money at your expense!

New Registration Fees!!
Your MRL Action Group Committee has listened to feedback from single week owners and is aware that many people have felt that the initial cost seemed too expensive, or that people are still waiting on the side-lines to see what progress the group makes.  So, your Committee has agreed to amend the registration fee to join MRL Action Group to £295 including VAT per timeshare week owned.
This is great news and it now even makes more sense to join MRL Action Group and make a stand for your rights!


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