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30 Sep

Focus on – Options Membership

Invoices for Options annual charges have been sent through to many of you from MRL this week. Please follow our guidance on dealing with this invoice.

Your continued participation in Options relies on your adopting MRL’s system of Points Rights. Part of your case hinges on the fact that the changes to the constitution, like the adoption of Points Rights, are unfair. We argue the implemented changes to be so unfair that consequently your contracts with MRL have been repudiated with their adoption. Any action which may be interpreted by MRL as an acceptance of these changes could undermine your case. You are therefore strongly advised not pay the recently invoiced Options annual charges.

Athena Law will deal with any relevant correspondence on your behalf. If you are an Options member, please make yourselves known to LML (mrl@litigationmanagement.co.uk).

Athena also advises in connection with the Options annual charges as follows:

•           Non-payment of fees will not in itself damage your credit rating

•           The liability for Options annual charges is intrinsically linked to the issues that are to be determined by this litigation.

•           Any demands from solicitors or debt collectors relating to unpaid Options annual charges should be sent to Litigation Management who will forward the same to Athena to deal with on your behalf.


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