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09 Jul

Focus on – Paying your maintenance fees

A number of members have sent us copies of the June 2015 Invoice. MRL has managed to antagonise owners again by sending these invoices

·      for only 6 months of maintenance fees

·      stated as being for “Points Rights” under the new system

·      at the same time as they are removing cherished apartments from the resorts.

Athena’s advice is clear: do NOT pay maintenance fees under the new Points Rights basis unless you are protecting your relationship with RCI (click here for more information).

We do appreciate the impact that this can have on family plans and Athena does not give this advice lightly, but the legal advice is that if you do pay your first points invoice, there is a risk that you will be taken to have affirmed the changes we are fighting against. Whilst it may be possible to pay the maintenance fees under protest, this still carries with it a risk of affirmation. As such the only way to avoid risk of affirmation is to not pay the maintenance fees.

Athena also advises in connection with maintenance fees as follows:

*Non payment of fees will not in itself damage your credit rating
*The liability for maintenance fees is intrinsically linked to the issues that are to be determined by this litigation.
*Any demands from solicitors or debt collectors relating to unpaid maintenance fees should be sent to Litigation Management who will forward the same to Athena to deal with on your behalf.
*It will be assumed by MRL that as you are not paying maintenance fees you are therefore not using your week


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