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29 Aug

Should I pay to exit my timeshare?

If you have received your second “exit offer” from MRL, giving you the opportunity to buy your way out of your timeshare for a sum equating to four times your annual maintenance fee, you may still be wondering what to do.

MRLAG members have already worked out that the exit is a bad deal. The fixed week timeshare that you thought you had bought no longer exists. And instead of compensating you for your loss, MRL wants you to compensate them for leaving!

To compare MRL’s offer to MRL Action Group’s offer:

If you proceed with MRLAG

1. Some of the fees you pay towards the action (e.g. lawyers’ fees) are likely to be reimbursed if the case is successful

2. There are good prospects of recovering compensation from MRL.

3. Costs less for the majority of timeshare owners

4. You can delegate the burden of dealing with MRL to lawyers who are on hand to correspond with MRL on your behalf.

If you take up MRL’s exit offer

1. You won’t see any of the money you pay to MRL to exit ever again.

2. You will be rid of your timeshare if you pay MRL’s exit fee, but MRL benefit twice through this unfair transaction: MRL get your valuable timeshare as well as a lot of your money.

3. Costs more for the majority of timeshare owners.

4. You will have to deal with MRL on your own.

MRL want your timeshare back so that they can monetize the property in another way.

Why pay MRL to release you from a situation they forced you into?!

Join the MRL AG now by returning your application pack to Athena Law. If you don’t have a pack already, you can request one here.

If you have any questions, please contact the LML team at mrl@litigationmanagement.co.uk


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