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30 May

Statement of support

The MRL Action Group Committee published the following statement today in response to an article published by the current owners of the Timeshare Consumer Association:

“It was only in the early summer of 2014 that the vulnerability of the Macdonald Timeshare clubs was exposed by the proposed land grab.  At that time this move was so novel and unexpected that owners had little knowledge about what to do.  David, who at the time ran Timeshare Consumers Association, and Stephen were immensely helpful to me and others in my position and their roles and interests were made completely clear.  Without their tireless support in seeking to remedy the monstrous injustice of the current MRL constitutions we would not be in the favourable position in which we now find ourselves.”

Stephen Boyd of Athena Law commented as follows:

“The “company” was the old TCA company. I resigned as an officer from that Company in 2014.

The motivation of the article is driven by Mark Rowe, who is facing a multi-million pound claim from companies being represented by Athena. See below:



Mark Rowe controls the TCA website.”



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