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Am I eligible to join?

You are eligible to join if

1 - You voted “No” and are unhappy with the position that you are left in - with your fixed week(s) being converted into floating weeks and a different constitution imposed on you

2 - You voted “Yes” on the understanding that this was the only way that you could exit your in perpetuity timeshare arrangement and have not paid to exit or used your Floating Week opportunities.

3 - You didn’t vote at all

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Villacana owner, you will not be eligible to join if you pay to exit.

What do I need to do to join?

Once you have requested your sign up pack from us here, read the documents listed below. Once you are happy with the proposal and wish to join the Action Group, please complete the documents in accordance with the instructions on Page 6 of the MRL Action Group Sign Up Guide:


1 - The MRL Action Group Application Form

2 - The Athena Client Care Letter

3 - The MRL Action Group Form of Authority

4 - The MRL Action Group Constitution

5 - The MRL Action Group Sign Up Guide

What is the MRL Action Group trying to achieve?

We are seeking to protect the interests of all MRL timeshare owners affected by the constitutional changes at the various resorts.

The main action will be on behalf of people who are still regarded by MRL as members and have been or will be left with floating week(s) ownership rather than the fixed week(s) that were originally purchased. We are looking for release from the floating week timeshares and cash compensation.

What action are you taking against MRL?

We are pursuing actions:

1 - Against MRL  in breach of contract, constitutional law and tort

2 - Different remedies depending upon whether members are:

  1. Current owners whose fixed weeks have been downgraded to floating weeks
  2. Former owners who have paid to dispose of their weeks under false pretences (at the resorts that voted before 2016)

3 - in Spanish law

How much do I need to pay to join the action?

If you are still a timeshare owner, please pay £295 including VAT for each timeshare week that you own + £420 (so 295 x number of weeks owned + 420).

If you have paid to exit, the registration fee is fixed at £295 including VAT.

The remainder of the costs due are set out in the Application Form. These costs are staged and the sums vary depending on the group (Lead, Parked or Vaulted) you choose to join.

Please note that it is only the Registration Fee that is linked to the number of weeks you own. The other costs are the same regardless of how many weeks you own.

How do I pay?

Payment to Athena Law can be made by cheque, or by BACs or IBAN transfers as detailed on p.6 of the "Sign Up Pack - User Guide".

Please contact us at mrl@litigationmanagement.co.uk in advance of paying by IBAN to confirm details.

Is VAT included in the fees?

Yes, for the Registration Fees only. Please take account of the fact that the remaining fees do not include VAT, as detailed on the Application Form.

Will I be liable for further costs in the event the case is unsuccessful?

No. Legal expenses insurance is in place, meaning that if MRL defend the case successfully, members will not have to pay anything as a result.

Which group should I join; the Lead, the Parked or the Vaulted?

The Lead Group is composed of those who are happy to have an active involvement with the case in terms of potentially appearing as a test claimant. Lead claimants will receive a slightly higher pay-out in the event of settlement, however they contribute more during the case. The Parked Group is for those who elect not to be actively engaged. For those who paid to exit when MRL provided the option to exit at a significant price, we have the Vaulted Group.

Where will the legal action take place?

Recognising that MRL is a Scottish company, the constitutions at the various resorts are subject to different jurisdictions, the timeshare contracts were signed at different locations, and the majority of the SGM’s took place inEngland, we believe that the primary action in the English courts would be appropriate.

When do you plan to issue proceedings?

Once the investigation phase is complete and Athena Law has provided its advice, proceedings will be issued. We estimate that this will take place in summer 2016.

How many people have joined the group?

Our membership has now exceeded 200.

What do I do if debt collectors demand payment of maintenance fees?

As a member of MRLAG, Athena Law will act on your behalf to resist these approaches. If you are contacted by debt collectors, please contact us immediately.

Should I join if I bought my timeshare prior to January 1999?

Yes! If you bought at a resort that has already passed the constitution changes, the date of purchase will make no difference.

Does it matter if I joined the Options scheme?

Your qualifying for the case is not affected by your participation in the Option scheme

What should I do if my spouse has died but his / her name is on the Certificate?

If you send Athena Law the death certificate with your application pack we can register you as a sole owner. Legally we may assume the timeshare ownership to have ceded to yourself and act on this basis.

I want to keep my timeshare. Should I join?

The aim of our litigation is to achieve a complete exit from members' timeshare contracts. It is this goal that has the strongest likelihood of success on the basis of supportive legal reasoning.

The sign up documents mentioned After the Event Insurance. What is that?

The purpose of After the Event insurance is to ensure that claimants in a legal action, such as yourselves, do not have to pay any costs to the defendants (MRL), even if they were to defend the case successfully. As such, it ensures that the costs of the case are in many senses capped and there is very little risk of the costs escalating.


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