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What We Do

The MRL Action Groups exists to pursue legal action against MRL.  We’re not happy with the changes that they have made to the Clubs.  We’re looking for release from our timeshares and cash compensation.  We’re pursuing two possible legal avenues:-


1.      The first is Breach of Contract.  Each owner individually purchased the right to occupy specific apartments for specific weeks.  The new points system eliminates those rights and offers no guarantees about availability.

2.     The second is limited to the Spanish resorts – Dona Lola, Leila Playa and Villacana – and specifically those owners who purchased after 1999.  The Spanish Supreme Court recently ruled that any timeshare contract issued after 1999, that includes an “in perpetuity” obligation on the purchaser is illegal.


The case is now going to Court.  We are initiating a test case strategy in Spain and requesting disclosure of documents prior to Court action in the UK. The Committee meets Athena Law and LML on a regular basis to review progress and agree next actions in pursuing members interests.


Membership of the MRL Action Group

1.      Sees you sign up as a private client of Athena Law – you get personal advice, they represent your individual interests.

2.     Enables you to secure the benefits of acting as a group – which is fundamentally:-

a)     Greater negotiating strength (on the basis that we represent many owners)

b)    Reduced legal costs and risk (on the basis that these are shared across many owners)


Membership of the Group does not commit you to any further legal costs or liability (without your further specific written agreement).


If you are unhappy with MRL – confirm your eligibility and Join Now !


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