Who We Are

The MRL Action Group is made of timeshare owners who are dissatisfied with the changes that Macdonald Resorts have recently made to the Constitutions of the clubs that run their resorts.


Whilst we don’t believe that we can overturn these changes – the professional advice that we have received suggests that owners have a strong legal case for release from their timeshare contracts and for compensation.  By coming together and pursuing legal action as a group we can pursue a claim when most of us, acting alone, would not be able to afford the associated legal costs.


The MRL Action Group is led by a Committee made up of five MRL Timeshare Owners: Robert Webber (Chair), John Howison, Dawn Smith, John West and Paul White.


The MRL Action Group has contracted Stephen Boyd at Athena Law in Manchester to provide legal advice to the group and represent individual owners as their clients.


Athena Law have contracted Litigation Management to provide administrative and member communications support.


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