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08 Feb

Update on “An email from the TCA”

Following up on our last post “An email from the TCA” we have been investigating the issue and have come to the following conclusions:

The TCA do not have the details of all current MRLAG members
Thank you to all of you who responded to our newsletter to confirm whether or not you received an email from the TCA. Using this information, we have concluded that the TCA publication alleging that someone from the MRL Action Group had leaked details of members is inaccurate. Even people who are not members received the email.
When the MRLAG was being formed, the TCA assisted Athena Law to compile a list of MRL timeshare owners who had expressed interest in joining a group action against MRL. Some of the names included on this list joined as members of the MRLAG, and some did not. With the consent of everyone who put their name on the list, the list was shared between those volunteering their time to help formulate the action group. It seems that this list is still in the hands of the TCA, despite agreement that it would be removed from their system.

The publication is simply an attempt to discredit the MRL AG
Athena Law have not been made aware of any complaints made against them by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, as the TCA publication stated it would. This, again, points to the purely defamatory nature of the allegations made in the publication.

In a recent BBC documentary The Timeshare Time Bomb, Stephen Boyd commented on the frequent mis-selling of timeshare relinquishment services. You can view the documentary on BBC iPlayer via this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b080dfy2



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